Patron Saints

St. Philopateer Mercurius (Abu Sefein)
  • Philopateer was born in 225 A.D. of pagan parents in the city of Eskentos in Cappadocia in Eastern Asia Minor (a region of the ancient world that corresponds to modern day Turkey).
  • The name Philopateer is a greek word that means lover of the father. (Pateer = father, Philo = love).
The conversion of his family to Christianity
  • His family used to live on hunting wild animals. One day his father Yares, along with his grandfather, were hunting in the forest when they were attacked by a wild beast. The animal jumped on the grandfather, and that scared Yares so much that he fainted.
  • While he was unconscious, he had a vision: he saw a brilliant light and heard a voice saying, “Yares, I am your God who loves you. I know that you have a good heart and that you hate the pagan idols. I want to inform you that your son Philopateer will become like a tree bearing good fruits, and because of him, I will bless you and your wife. Philopateer will be my witness and will defy all prejudice in my name.”
  • Shortly after, Yares, his wife and his son were baptized and they were given new names. Yares became Noah, his wife became Saphina and Philopateer became Mercurius. The news of their baptism spread quickly in the city and the prince ordered them to be arrested and thrown to the wild animals. But the Lord, who shut the mouths of the lions at the time of Daniel, tamed the wild animals and they did not harm them. The prince and his soldiers were astonished and decided to release Yares and his family.

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St. Demiana
A man named Marcos lived in Egypt toward the end of the third century. Marcos was the ruler of several districts in Egypt and Marcos had only one daughter, who he called Demiana. Saint Demiana was very beautiful both from within and without. Saint Demianas beauty and good character were legendary. Marcos loved his daughter deeply, and he did his best to raise her in a true Christian manner.

Saint Demiana loved God, loved to pray, and loved to read the Holy Books in the seclusion of her room. In fact, Saint Demiana often cried while praying because she felt the love of her Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ filling her heart.

When Saint Demiana was old enough, her father wanted her to get married to one of his noble friends. However, Saint Demiana refused because she gave herself up as a bride to the Lord Jesus Christ, and she intended to live without marriage all her life. Saint Demiana did not want to marry because she wanted to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Saint Demiana asked her father to build a house for her on the outskirts of the city so that she could live in it as a nun. Saint Demiana wanted a house far away from the city so that she could live away from the world and its temptations.

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